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Tadoba National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

Tadoba National Park is located in Chandrapur district at north-east of Maharashtra State in India. Maharashtra state is located in Western part of India, having Mumbai city - economic capital of India. Tadoba National Park encompasses Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the oldest National Park of Maharashtra state, created in year 1955.
Area of Tadoba National Park is 623 sq. km. Earlier it was established in year 1935 where as Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1986. In year 1995, both of them were merged to establish a new Tadoba-Andhari Tiger reserve. In a way to appreciate the importance of Tadoba Tiger Reserve it is also referred as “The Jewel of Vidharba”.

Vidharba is a North-East region of Maharashtra state in India. Tadoba name is derived from local god called “Taru” where as Andhari is a river that passes through Tiger Reserve. Wildlife reserve offers panoramic sight of hills, valley, meadows and lake. Tadoba lake is located at center of the park offers exceptional wildlife viewing during arid season. Their are more than one entrance gate for jungle safari among which Mohurli is the popular entrance gate.

Location & Geographical Details -

As per geographic coordinates:
Longitude = 79 13’13” E and 79 33’ 34” E
Latitude = 20 4’ 53” N and 20 25’ 51” N

How to reach Tadoba

Taboda is best accessible from Nagpur city. It is just 147kms/04:00hrs drive from Nagpur city via Timora & Shegaon and is about 178kms/05:00hrs drive via Ghodpeth & Chandrapur. Let us know more about reaching Tadoba National Park.

- Nagpur -60kms - Jamb - 30kms - Timora - 20kms - Shegaon - 21kms - Mudholi - 10kms - Sitaram Peth - 06kms - Moharli Entrance Gate.

- Nagpur - 60kms - Jamb - 30kms - Timora - 14kms - Warora - 22kms - Bhadravati - 06kms - Ghodpeth - 19kms - Chandrapur - 06kms - Padmapur Entrance Gate - 21kms - Moharli Entrance Gate

Both the options can be adopted to visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Although one can reach Tadoba through through either of the way but first options seem to take less time but raods are good on drive from Nagpur to Tadoba via Ghodpeth and Chandrapur you will first reach (driving from Nagpur to Tadoba) Jamb (60kms), Timora (32kms)
- Warora (13kms) then Bhadravati (35kms) then we reach Ghodpeth which is just next to Bhadravati. From Ghodpeth drive to Chandrapur town which is just 28kms from Moharli entrance gate of Tadoba National Park. The whole journey will take about 05:00hrs due to traffic and average road condition.
Nagpur city is very well connected with all major metro cities of India along with direct flight from other countries also. Generally it is linked with tour itineraries of Kanha National Park, Pench & Satpura National Parks. Chandrapur is the nearest railway station to reach Tadoba National Park at a distance of 32kms.

History Bandhavgarh National Park :

Fort of Bandhavgarh is counted among oldest forts of India. It was always been the desire of Muslim rulers and great Kings to conquer the fort. The fort was very important from defensive point of view. The natural surroundings had made the fort unique and unconquerable.  Record of 2nd and 3rd century of Bandhavgarh tells us that this area was ruled by Magh rulers whose Kingdom was spread towards north river Jamuna & Koshawi. Here several caves are prepared by engraving and cutting rocks by humans beings which shows that in past Bandhavgarh was important religious centre of Hindus, Jains. These caves are used by monks for meditation and other purposes.

After Magh dynasty, Bhar-Shiva-Nag dynasty rulled this area. In 5th century Sengar Dynasty rulled this area followed by Kalchuris. The rule of Haihay Kalchuris can be called the golden period of this area. Kalchuris arrival in Baghelkhand was in 9th century. 

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Safari
Their are 4 entrance gates for Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Park Safari. Among them Moharli is the popular entrance gate for safari.

Safari Entrance Gate Location
Moharli 27Kms from Chandrapur
Zari 30 Kms from Chichpalli & Chandrapur
Navegaon 130 K.M. from Nagpur via Umred, Chimur, Khadsingi
Pangadi 25 K.M. from Sindewahi

Park Safari
Entry Time
Exit Time
06:00 Hrs - 09:30 Hrs
11:00 Hrs
15:00 Hrs - 17:30 Hrs
19:00 Hrs

Tadoba Flora & Fauna
Tadoba forest incorporates flora of Sal, Indian Butter Teak, Tree (Mahua), Mango, Black-plum, Bamboo, Bel, Casia, Flame of Forest, Terminenalia Hiwar, Margosa etc. Reserve is manifested with substantial forest intermingled with paddocks and regions materlizing scrub forest. Mammals sighting of Tadoba forest encompasses Asiatic Bison (Indian Gaur), Wild Dog (Dholes), Tiger, Leopard, Striped Hyens, Four-horned Antelope, Jungle Cat, Sambhar and more. Among reptiles, Crocodiles in Tadoba lake are the another major reptile species found in this forest.

Here forest is typical Tropical Dry deciduous type. Teak is the dominant species in this forest. Teak forest cover is 11.48%. Some of the major tree species found within the protected area are Teak, Ain, Arjun, Bamboo, Behada, Bel, Bija, Bhera, Bor, Chichwa, Dhawada, Kusum, Mahua, Mowai, Phetra, Rohan, Salai, Semal, Shisham, Shivan, Surya, Sirus, Tendu. Mixed forest covers 76.16%, Grassland 7.17% and degraded area of 5.19%. Among mixed forest area, Bamboo occupies major share.

Species Diversity
Species Name
Number of Species

Bird-watching in Tadoba Tiger Reserve
One can see wonderful diversity of birds in Ranthambore National Park. Avi-fauna of Tadoba is also amazing comprising about 200 bird species can be encountered during Tadoba Park Safari. Some of the prominent birds seen here are: Jungle fowl, Fishing Eagle, Paradise Fly-catcher, Indian Roller, Honey buzzard, Crested Serpent Eagle, Indian Pitta, Yellow-footed Green Pigeon etc.

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve encompasses Moharli range, Kolsa range, Chimur hills etc. It is more appreciated by those wildlife lovers who would like to visit a little known, untouched, free from tourist-groups, calm & pleasant. Land vegatation is Tropical Dry deciduous type. Here average rainfall is 1175mm. Here temperature range is minimum 30 °C & maximum is 49°C. Here winter season is from November to February, Summer season prevails from March to June and Rainy season prevails from July to October.

Where to stay
Tadoba Tiger Reserve is not a crowded safari park due to which one can find few wildlife resorts & lodges for accommodation. There are few resorts & lodges to stay in Tadoba National Park. Some of them are: Tiger Trails, MTDC Resort Moharli etc.

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