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Khajuraho Temples India

Khajuraho is located in Chattarpur district of State of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. It has its peculiar place in the tourism map of International World for its artistically sculptured erotic Temples. It is a one out of three World Heritage Site in State of Madhya Pradesh. Imaginations of sculptures were realized in the form of these temples during the period of 950 A.D.-1050 A.D. under the ruling of Chandela Rajputs. Khajuraho was cultural capital of Chandela Dynasty.

In past the whole area was enclosed by a wall with 8 gates, each flanked by two golden palm trees. There were originally over 85 Hindu temples, of which only 22 now stand in a reasonable state of preservation. These temples are scattered over an area of about 8 square miles. Present temples are categorized in two groups: Western group & Eastern group of temples. They all are made up of Sand-stone which was carried out from Panna, about 45 km. away from site.

Like many other cultural centers of North India, Khajuraho temples also underwent destruction and disfigurement during 1203 A.D. by Qutubbuddin Aibek. Later in 19th century remaining temples were re-discovered by British Engineer T.S. Burt in 1838.

A common misconception of Khajuraho temples are that they mainly contain erotic art but in reality there is no erotic art inside in temple or near the deities except some external carving which is 10% or total carving.Here we can find complete images of Idols, extreme beauty of females, different kinds of postures of Erotics, potters, farmers, musicians etc. Thousand of International and Domestic tourists visit Khajuarho every year as lot of Travel Agents offers include Khajuraho Tour in their tour itinerary. Khajuraho Tour Packages are also available to Travel Agents. Tourism in Khajuraho has made it a must include tourist destination of Central India.

How to reach Khajuraho -
Khajuraho has direct air-connection with Delhi & Mumbai through some prominent airlines like Jet-Airways, Kingfisher, Indian Airlines(Indian). Very soon Khajuraho Airport will have landing facility for International flights. Airport is just 5 kms from main Khajuraho town. Similarly Khajuraho is also linked through Trains as Khajuraho Railway Station is fully functional now. Their is direct train from Khajuraho to New Delhi & Varanasi. Those who are coming through Trains, Jhansi railway station is considered the nearest best option. Jhansi is about 200 kms from Khajuraho and daily bus service is available between Jhansi and Khajuraho. Bandhavgarh National Park is about 265 kms from Khajuraho. Here Festivals of Dance is organized in the month of February and March for a weak.
Generally Khajuraho temples sightseeing can be completed in 4-5hrs.

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Hotels in Khajuraho -
Accommodation in Khajuraho is not a problem due to easy availability of large number of budget and luxury hotels in Khajuraho. Among luxury hotels in Khajuraho, Lalit Temple View, Taj Chandela, Hotel Ramada Inn, Jass Radission are best options. On the other hand, among medium hotels in Khajuraho, Usha Bundela, Hotel Clark are best available options. All these hotels are close to each other and easy to reach from Khajuraho railway station, bus stand and Khajuraho Airport. For budget category visitors, many cheap hotels are available in Khajuraho that offers good accommodation facility are low tariff like Hotel Harmony, Hotel Surya, Hotel Jain etc. Thousands of Tourists from all over the world visits this magnificent artistic temples. Its importance can be understood from the fact that it is includes in almost every Central India Tour Packages offered through different Travel Agents in India.

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