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Govind Mahal

Datia is a city lies in Datia district (smallest district of Datia) in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Central India. It is on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh (North). Nearby cities is Gwalior (75km) for airport, Jhansi (30km.) and Khajuraho (175 km.) well connected by road. While travelling from Jhansi to Agra, Datia is on enroute. It is a hidden treasure of Central India Tourism. Height from sea level is 218 meters. City have its own railway station in Delhi-Chennai main line. Madhya Pradesh Tourism department has its hotel in Datia for accommodation.
Datia had formerly been a state in the Bundelkhand region. It is ruled by Rajputs and Bundela’s. Datia is famous for its temples and is also called mini Vrindavan.

  • Peetambra Peeth: "Peetambra Peeth" is located near the city. Peetambra Peeth is the famous "Sakti-Peeth" of the country. Sh. Golokwasi Swamiji Maharaj established "Bagla Mukhi Devi" and "Dhumawati Mai" at this place. Vankhandeshwar Temple at Peetambra-Peeth is one of "Mahabharat-Kaleen temple of Shiva."

  • Sonagiri Temples: Sonagiri is a famous pilgrimage of the Jains, who come in large numbers annually to worship at these beautiful temples. There are more than One Hundred temples and atract visitors and tourists from distant places. Sonagiri is located at 15 Km. from Datia and is connected by Road and Train. It is important pilgrimage site in Central India in addition to Badwani, Kundalpur etc for Jain religion followers.

  • Govind PaintingUnao-Balaji Sun Temple: Unao is seventeen kilometers from Datia Headquarters. Balaji Temple is very old temple is said to date from Pre-Historic times. People from very distant places flock to the Balaji Sun Temple on pilgrimage. There is a tank in the vinicity said to contain sacred water and is the popular belief that lepers who take a bath in these waters are cured of their terrible affliction. This is also known as Balaji-Dham. Unao is connected by road only.

  • Satkhanda-Mahal: Satkhanda-Mahal was built by King Veer Singh Joo Dev Bundela (1605-1627) of Orchha State. Mahal is Seven Stories and is famous for Bundeli Archetecture. This is also known as "Old Mahal", "Hawa-Mahal" and "Keerti-Mahal".

  • Rajgarh Palace & Museum: Rajgarh Palace is located near Peetambra-Peeth was built by King Shatrujit Bundela. Palace is made of Bundeli Archetecture. Museum is also located this place and is collection of Geological & Cultural Importance things.

  • Gujarra: Gujarra is 17 Km. from Datia and is famous for "Ashoka's Shilalekh".

  • Badoni: This place is known as Chhoti Badoni and is located about 10 Km. from Datia City. There are Guptkalin temples of "Boddh" and "Jain" Religion and famous for Bundeli Archetecture "Fort" and "Hawelies".

  • Seondha: Seondha is located 70 Km. from Datia and is connected road only. This Tehsil Headquarter is famous for Water fall on Sindh River, Kanhargarh Fort, and Nandnandan temple. At fifteen kilometers from Seondha there is famous temple of "Ratangarh Mata" Temple. This temple is located in dense forest.

  • Datia FortBhander: Bhander is located 30 Km. from Datia. Bhander is recently merged as 3rd Tehsil in Datia District. Mahabharat period name of Bhander was "Bhandakpur" and famous for Son-Tallaiya, Laxman Mandir and Old Fort.

  • Botonical Garden: This is located on Datia-Bhander road at 5 Km. This place is developed by Forest Department and is dense forest as well as natural place.

  • Temples: In Datia City there are lot of beautiful temples. Datia is known as "Laghu Vrandaban" some of these are "Avadh Bihari Temple", "Shivgir Temple", "Vijay-Raghav Temple", "Govind Temple", and "Bihariji Temple".

  • Pancham Kavi Ki Toriva: This natural and beautiful place is located 4 Km from Datia and is famous for "Bhairav Temple".

  • Udnu Ki Toriva: This place is famous for "Hanuman Temple" and is located 8 Km from Datia on the very high Place having about 350 steps.
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