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Chitrakuta means the 'Hill of many wonders'. Chitrakuta falls in the northern Vindhya range of mountains spread over the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.  Chitrakoot region is spread over both the states of Central India. In Uttar Pradesh it is in Chitrakoot District and in Madhya Pradesh is falls under Satna District. Chitrakoot mountain ranges includes Kamad Giri, Hanumaan Dhara, Janki Kund, Lakshman pahari, and Devangana famous Religious mountains. For those who are doing Central India Pilgrimage Tour, Chitrakoot is must visit pilgrimage destination to trace the marks of Lord Rama.

It is 72 km. from Allahbad and 10 km. from Karwi railway station. Nearest airport is in Khajuraho about 185 km. Madhya Pradesh tourism has its hotels here available.Chitrakoot is a holy   place famous both   for its natural scenery and its spiritual altitude. It is a very sacred place for Hindus. It was in these deep forests of Chitrakoot that lord Rama, Sita and his brother Lakshmana spent eleven and half years of their fourteen years of exile; the great sage Atri, Sati Anusuya, Dattatreya, Maharshi Markandeya, Sarbhanga, Sutikshna and various other sages, seers, devotees and thinkers meditated; and here the principal trinity of the Hindu pantheon, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, took their incarnations.

A tourist is as much thrilled by sighting its  beautiful  waterfalls, playful  young deer and dancing peacocks as a pilgrim is overwhelmed by taking  a dip  in the  Payaswani/ Mandakini (a river passes through this area) and by immersing   himself   in the dust   of  the Kamadgiri. Places to visit here are:

  • Kamadgiri:
    It is believed to the original Chitrakoot. Kamadgiri means the mountain which fulfills all the desires. This is the place believed to have been the abode of Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxman during exile.

  • ChitrakootRamghat:
    This is the shore of Mandakini river. It is believed that Lord Ram bathed here with Laxman and Sita Ji on their arrival in Chitrakoot.The famous saint-poet Tulsidas is also believed to have lived here for quite some time

  • Bharat Milap
    It is a spot where Bharata (brother of Lord Rama) is said to have met Rama to persuade him to return to the throne of Ayodhya

  • Janki Kund
    This beautiful Kund is situated at a distance of about half a kilometer from the Pramod-Van, on the left bank of the Payaswini. Sita Ji,used to bathe here during the period of her exile. The rocks nearby bear the foot prints of Janaki Ji

  • Sati Anusuya Ashrama
    This Ashram is situated about 15 Km. to the south of Ramghat in a dense forest area. It is dedicated to Maharishi and his wife Anusuya . It was here that Atri muni, his wife Anusuya and their three sons (who were the three incarnations of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), lived and are said to have meditated

  • ChirakootSphatik Shila
    ‘Sphatik’ in Sanskrit language means crystal. This is huge rock resembling a reddish-white crystal. It is densely forested area on the bank of Mandakini river, 1 kilometers away from Janki Kund. Shri Ram and Sita used to rest here while going to and coming from Atri Ashram. Jayant (son of Indra) pecked Sita at feet in same place. The rock bears the foot prints of Sri Ram, Sita Ji and Jayant

  • Raghav Prayag Ghat
    This is to the south of the Ramghat of the Payaswini and is the convergence point of the three rivers—the Payaswini ,the Mandakini and the Gayatri

  • Gupt Godavari
    This place is situated at the foot of a hill about 16 Km. to the south west of Chitrakoot. Here is a pair of caves, one high and wide with an entrance through which one can barely pass, and the other long and narrow with stream of water running along its base. It is believed that Rama and Lakshmana held court in latter cave, which has two natural throne-like rocks

  • Mayurdhwaj Ashram
    About 10 Km. to the south west of Chitrakoot near the village Pathra Pal Deo, this Ashram is situated amidst the hills. It is a beautiful place with water falls worth seeing

  • Hanuman Dhara ChitrakootHanuman Dhara
    This is about 4 Km. to the east of Ramghat at the beginning of the Vindhya hills. A stream of cool and clear water originating inside the mountain falls on the idol of Hanuman Ji and loses itself in a kund below. It is a popular belief that Hanuman Ji came here to cool down the heat after burning Lanka.
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