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Bhedaghat Jabalpur

Amarkantak TourismAbout 25 kms from Jabalpur city center,  Bhedaghat is a famous tourist destination for tourism in Jabalpur. It is also pronounced as Bheraghat also. It is famous for its scenic beauty and boating in Narmada river on marble rocks valley. Narmada river is lifeline river for Central India and also promotes tourism activities at towns from which it passes through like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Jabalpur, Amarkantak etc. A 45 minute boat ride at Panchvati is most memorable experience of boating in river Narmada. River Narmada is about 600 - 800 Ft deep in Bhedaghat Madhya Pradesh. River Narmada has a magical effect, especially in the moon light. The varying color marble cliffs i.e. sheer from clear water; from Dhuandhar falls of Narmada to downstream between high rocks is a memorable one when passing through the spots Hathi ka Paon, Bandar Koodini(Monkey's Leap) and bhool bhulian etc. Boatmen will explain and entertain you all along in your boat ride; he will tell the imaginative stories, funny names of the rock shapes, he gives all the historical importance of Bhedaghat, about the bollywood films that were shot at Bhedaghat.

How to Reach Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh :

One can reach Bhedaghat by road only. Car rental services are available in Jabalpur city for Bhedaghat tour. In addition to it, one can take local auto-rickshaw or public carrier mini buses to reach Bhedaghat. Their are two ways to reach Bhedaghat either to go through main Bhopal road or second option is to go via Lamheta village.

  • Bhedaghat is about 25 kms from Jabalpur city center.
  • About 45 kms from Jabalpur Dumna Airport.
  • About 28 kms from Jabalpur Main Railway Station.
  • About 25 kms from Jabalpur city bus stand.
  • About 55 kms from Bargi Dam.

Nearest Airports to Amarkantak are Jabalpur Dumna Airport (250 kms) and Raipur(245 kms) Airport having direct flights for Delhi.

Hotel in BhedaghatHotels in Bhedaghat :

For accomodation in Bhedaghat, Bhedaghat hotels like MP Tourism hotel called "Motel Marble Rocks", private hotel "Hotel River View" Bhedaghat is their. Among them service standard of MP Tourism Hotel is best among other hotels in Bhedaghat. You can even take lunch at MP Tourism hotel in afternoon. Hotel River View is budget hotel with some rooms offering best river view of narmada. Hotels in Bhedaghat are small with limited accommodation facility so one should book them in advance during peak seasons like Diwali, New Year eves. In case you are looking for luxury hotel then nearest one Hotel Jabali Palace at distance of 11kms on Jabalpur - Bhedaghat road. It is a 4-Star hotel managed by Jasuja Group (Owner's of Hotel Narmada Jacksons).

After Magh dynasty, Bhar-Shiva-Nag dynasty rulled this area. In 5th century Sengar Dynasty rulled this area followed by Kalchuris. The rule of Haihay Kalchuris can be called the golden period of this area. Kalchuris arrival in Baghelkhand was in 9th century. 

Places to See in Bhedaghat :

  • Bhedaghat TourismBhedaghat : Bhedaghat or Bheraghat is a must see tourist destination of Jabalpur city tour. Visitors visits Bheraghat at first during Jabalpur Sightseeing and captures Bhedaghat pictures on their cameras. Its name is derived from its original name called Bhairav-ghat. Marble rocks in Bheraghat are in various colors like white, pink, blue etc. Although Marble rocks are their in Bhedaghat but its mining is not allowed in that area but one can find small show pieces of marble from rural market at reasonable price. Many Bollywood movies have been shot in Bhedaghat like Shahrukh Khan's Ashoka movie, Lt. Raj Kapoor's Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behte Hai etc. If you visit Bhedaghat Jabalpur then must visit Chausat Yogini Temple & Dhuandhar water fall. During visit one can do ropeway in Bhedaghat to get best view of Dhuandhar fall. Similarly boating in Bhedaghat is also good experience for tourists. During monsoon season, i.e. in months of July, August, September, boating in Narmada river cannot be enjoyed (Boating closed in Monsoon) Usually Bhedaghat sightseeing takes 2-3 hours including Chausat Yogini temple and Dhuandhar falls. During visit it is advisable to come with quality camera, sun-hats. We would also like to warn every visitors against swimming to taking bath (except specified points) as often visitors under-estimate the river water and many accidents took place every year. Narmada river is not suitable to swim as number of whirlpool are their in river in which even perfect swimmer may face problem.
  • Dhuandhar fall : Dhuandhar fall of Bhedaghat is about 3 Kms. away from it. The Upstream of Narmada Water falls at a height of 150 Ft. high falls with great noise and produces water sprinklers (water fog) in thickness seems like white smoke or fog; thereby known as Dhuandhar. Dhuandhar is a picturesque point. One can take over view on ropeway ride over Narmada river in Bhedaghat. Dhuandhar fall remains closed during monsoon season for general public i.e. during from 15th July to end of September month. During this time security railing./walls were removed, still one can visit site but from safe distance at their own risk.
  • Chousat Yogini Temple :One kilometer ahead of Bhedaghat is the group of temples built by Kalchuri Kings, with Lawa Stone on Narmada River. It is 4 - 5 Mtrs high and open to Sky. It is built at the hill top. The idol established here at Chausat Yogini Temple is encircling the stone wall, set in the view if circular colonnade set with scores of images of yoginis or the attendant goddess of Durga, came as a surprise.
    Though the statues of the Yoginis are not worshipped; visitors stepped into the central shrine dedicated to lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. The temples were constructed during the 10th Century. We can find such Yogini Temples in may other regions of Central India also like Khajuraho, Shahdol etc. Here statues are sculptured beautifully. It is a must see spot of Bhedaghat tour. One can see here Lord Shiva & Parvati together riding on Nandi ox, rarely found all together in any hindu temple. Main temple is circulated by about 95 yogini statues but unfortunately most of them are disfigured by Muslim forces in past. It was dedicated to goddess Durga. From the top of the temples you can have the beautiful view of the river Narmada flowing through the marble rocks. The temple has exquisitely carved stone figures of the 64 yoginis or attendants of the goddess Durga, belonging to Kalchuri reign. Such Yogini temples can also be seen in Khajuraho, Shahdol and even in Orrisa also. Reaching Chousat Yogini temple is easy. It is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset. One can reach temple through footsteps. Their is no entrance charge for Chousat Yogini temple.
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