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Kanha National Park -

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a Tiger Reserve spread over Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, Central India. Kanha is one of the most popular and well managed National Park of India as well as of Asia. It represents Central India Wildlife & avifauna. Covering total area of 1949 area, it is divided into core & buffer zones strategy. Core zone covers 940 and buffer zone is spread over an area of 1009 In 1930 Kanha area was divided into two santuaries called Banjar and Hallon of 300 and 250 It lies in Maikal mountain ranges. It is established as a National Park in 1st of June 1955 and declared as a Tiger Reserve in 1974. Kanha National Park remains open for tourists from 16th of Oct. to 30th of June. Their are number of places to visit inside Kanha National Park like Bamani Dadar, Sonf meadows, Kanha meadows, Shravan Taal, Shravan Chita, Lapsi Kabar, Dashrath Machaan etc. in which one can enjoy the wildlife treasures of Kanha forest spread over Maikal ranges of Central India.

How to reach Kanha National Park -Kanha National Park is in Madhya Pradesh State of Central India. Geographically it is spread on Maikal ranges on Madhya Pradesh state close to state border between Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh states.Nearest Airports for access to Kanha park are in Jabalpur (170kms/04:30hrs) and in Raipur (220kms). For visitors visiting through charter planes can reach Birwa Air-strip in Balaghat district close to Balaghat town which is aprox. 125kms from Mukki entrance gate of Kanha Park. Nearest Railway station is in Jabalpur city(165km. from Kisli gate of Kanha).Raipur city in Chattisgarh state is around 250 km. from Mukki gate of Kanha national park. Raipur have direct flights for Delhi. Similarly Nagpur International Airport is at a distance of 260 km from Kanha Kisli, best for air transfers to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc. Nagpur city is about 260km  away from Kanha(Kisli gate) and 305km. from Kanha Mukki gate. Their is direct over-night trains from Delhi to Jabalpur railway station. At Jabalpur city one can find number of Jabalpur Travel Agents who can arrange ground transfer for Kanha National Park.

Distance between Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Park is 250kms.

Kanha National Park HistoryHistory of Kanha National Park -
Kanha forest area was originally part of Gondwana kingdom. Gondwana kingdom was rulled by original tribes of Central India called Gonds. They rulled over Central India forests since many centuries. Still now also we can find them in almost all of the villages in and surrounding to Kanha National Park forest area. As per records, Kanha history can be traced back to year 1865 when western area of park was officially classified as Banjar valley reserve forest. Banjar & Hallon rivers are two major rivers passes through Kanha National Park. In year 1879, Kanha forest area was declared as reserve forest. In year 1953, Kanha National Park came into existence. In year 1970, Mukki valley forest was included in Kanha park by extending its boundary. Similarly in year 1974 Hallon valley and in 1983, Phen Wildlife Sanctuary was included in Kanha National Park. In year 1995, buffer zone was constituted.

Kanha Park Safari - Jungle Safari in Kanha National Park is adventureous and zealous experience. Their are three entrances for Kanha park safari: Kanha, Mukki & Sarhi. Among them Kanha & Mukki entrances are most popular among visitors and most of the wildlife resorts & lodges are located adjoining to these safari entrance gates.
Safari Seasons
Morning Safari
Evening Safari
16 October - to - 14 November
05:45hrs - 10:30hrs
15:00hrs - 18:00hrs
15 November - to - 15 February
06:30hrs - 11:30hrs
14:30hrs - 17:30hrs
16 February - to - 30 April
06:00hrs - 11:45hrs
15:30hrs - 18:30hrs
01 May - 30 June
05:30hrs - 10:30hrs
16:00hrs - 19:00hrs
⋅ Park management may change Safari time as per situation.
⋅ Park remains closed from 01-July to 15-October every year in monsoon season.
⋅ From 01/April/2011, park will remain closed on every Wednesday.
⋅ Evening safari is usually not conducted on the day of Holi Festival.

Jungle Safari Details -
Just like other national park of Madhya Pradesh, in Kanha park also, safari is done on 4x4 wheel driven safari jeeps. These jeeps are open so that guide and visitors and enjoy the wildlife in full view, easily do bird watching and also to concentrate on wild calls of jungle. In normal course, visitor is picked up from the resort or lodge where he was staying and was taken to park. At park entrance, normal formalities are done like filling form for visitor details, vehicle detail etc. After completion of safari, guest was dropped back to its resort. In order to do safari, state forest department has given facility to do online safari booking to acquire entrance tickets in advance as limited jeeps are allowed to do safari in a particular round. Advance park safari booking is recommend by everyone. Park safari can also be booked through safari booking agents like Indus Excursion, resort by taking Jungle Plan for accommodation or directly from booking counter close to the entrance gate.

Inside park, safari is done in an area allocated to the vehicle by Park authority. Safari area is allocated at the time of entrance. Allocation of Safari area is necessary to avoid vehicle congestion in a particular area and to enjoy wildlife at its best. During safari, guide is compulsory to travel with tourist. Usage of sun-glasses, hat, binoculars, camera with enough memory & battery is recommended.

We provide park safari booking facility and also conducts exclusive jungle safaris of almost all major national park of Central India using expert english speaking safari guides.

Kanha National Park Elephant SafariElephant Safari in Kanha National Park - Doing safari on elephant back is a different kind of experience that cannot be compared with doing safari on vehicles. Usually safaris through elephant are adopted by wildlife photographers, film makers or by study groups. Although Elephant safari is a slow safari by it has its own advantages. Usually wild animals dislike vehicle sound and try to keep distance from safari vehicle which adversely effects sighting chances. Also their is restriction of not to leave vehicle track during safari which restricts the movement in jungle. Elephant safari is good solution to such safari problems. Two kind of elephant safaris are allowed in Kanha National Park:

1. Elephant Safari for Tiger Show: Here tiger is shown to visitor from elephant back for a duration not more than 10minutes. It is a paid optional service offered by forest department to visitors.

2. Full-time Elephant Safari: Here full-day safari of approx 06:00hrs is offered to visitor by park management. It is a costly option of approx. INR.40000/- for 02 Person. To do such safari, written permission from park authority is required

Mammals in Kanha National Park - Bamani dadar is a highest point inside Kanha reserve known for rare Hardground Barasingha sighting. It is the only National Park where one can find Hardground Swamp Deers in wilderness. Apart from Barasingha, Tigers are major attraction of Kanha National Park Safari. Kanha National Park have many other wildlife attractions also like Leopard, Gaur (Indian Bison), Chital, Sambar, Nilgai(Blue-bull), Chinkara, Chousingha, Barking Deer, Barasingha, Wild Boar, Wild Dog, Mouse deers, Common Grey Langur, Porcupine etc. During evening hours, porcupines are commonly seen in roads. Giant wood spider and Monitor Lizards can often be seen during safari time.

Birds in Kanha - More than 200 bird species can be seen in Kanha National Park. In winter season (Nov & Dec months), one can see migratory birds close to water holes. Kanha birds species in the park include Storks, Teals, Pintails, Pond Herons, Egrets, Peacock, Pea Fowl, Red Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl, Partridges, Quails, Ring doves, Spotted Parakeets, Green pigeons, Rock Pigeons, Cuckoos, Papihas, Rollers, Bee-eater, Hoopoes, Drongos, Warblers, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Finches, Orioles, Owls, and fly catchers. Kanha National Park is also best suitable for bird sighting tours of tourists.

Kanha Weather & Climate - Kanha National Park opens for visitor after monsoon. During monsoon season from June to October, it remains closed.
November - December - January
3°C to 25°C
February - March
20°C to 35°C
April - May - June - July
30°C to 45°C
July - August - September - October
20°C to 35°C
Winter season in Kanha lies in the months of November - December - January - February. During winter temperature lies between 5-20 °C. Kanha Tiger Reserve forest type is Moist Peninsular Sal Forest and Southern Tropical Moist Mixed Deciduous Forest. Forest is dominated by Sal trees. So we can say that forest is mainly sal & mixed deciduous type.

Best time to visit - Kanha National Park is open for visitors from 16-Oct. till 30-June. From 01/April/2011, it will remain closed for safari on every Wednesday. Two safari rounds are possible in a day at Kanha park. Best time to visit Kanha depends upon the taste and priorities of visitor.

For Tigers, best time to visit is from March to June. During this time, temperature rises and grasslands dried up. Due to low grass & bushes, visibility increases due to which tiger sighting could be more better. One can find tigers close to water-holes, under shades or marshy areas. Summers are good for tiger photography and usually photographers visits during this time.

For Sloth Bears, Deers, Bisons-
Months of February, March and begining of April is appropriate as during this time fruits are easily available. During this time "Mahua" (Fruit of Indian Butter Tree) is available in abundance which attracts deers, sloth bear, blue bulls, languars. This fruits usually falls in nights so in early morning safari we can saw such wild animals under these Indian Butter Trees.

For Birdwatching
, November-December-January (Winter)and May-June (Summer)is ideal time. In winters, bird sighting of migratory birds iis fabulous around water holes.

For Reptiles sighting is good in rainy season. Just after monsoon showers snakes, pythons can be seen in open. For nature photography months of October - November is good as due to just concluded monsoon, park remains green everywhere with bushes and grasslands. They offers spectacular scenery of forest.
Name of Resorts & Lodges
Budget Kanha Side Satya Ashoka, Kings Crown, Sanjay Tiger Resort, Barasingha, Mahua Resort, Skumar399
Mukki Side Muba Resort, Peepal
Medium Kanha Side Tuli Tiger, Krishna Jungle Resort, Wild Chalet, Celebrations, Bundela Safari Lodge, Baghira Loghuts
Mukki Side White Tiger Safari Lodge, Kanha Jungle Lodge, Chitvan, Infinity
Luxury Kanha Side Kipling Camp, Kanha Earth Lodge, Flame of Forest
Mukki Side Taj's Banjaar Tola, Singinava, Shergarh Tented Camp

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