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India Travel Tips

Guide to travel India
India is incredible destination as all we know is famous for its unmatchable sights and spots in around the world. In India, all you will get is to a massive experience of various cultures and diversity in across the territories and directions. It could be little tricky to roam in remote areas but this is something you got to know is the real charm to basking in fascinating natural and amazing places for which India known for verities of languages and religions along with ritual performances and most wonderful is to see impeccable differences in dress ups and appearances of societies. India has a very rich and diverse mix of culture and tradition, dominated by religious and spiritual themes. East and south present most ancient culture in India and South, which is famous for its classical arts, such as Carnatic music and classical Indian dance.
The West part of India is highly industrialized and has rich heritage homes. Ahmedabad in Gujarat is famous for International Kite Flying Festival and Navratri (A festival of dance that lasts for nine days). Old part of Ahmedabad attracts many foreigners because of heritage houses.

Safety Precautions
You may not feel pretty safe while thinking about India, but you have to change your thinking as India is generally a safe country for all and yes, we will be there for take care of you in every moment. However, as far as concern of your own basic precautions you have to lock away your currency, important documents such as passport put off precious jewellery in the hotel safe. Moreover, when it gets dark avoid to trevelling alone on the roads as it becomes more important in deserted areas and small town. always keep an eye on your luggage when you being in airports or railway stations.

Traveling with Children
India can be a dream destination of children’s imagination and some monuments, forts have possessed the attraction that will fascinate children too much. However, treveling distance may be complicated with children but as most small cities well connected with all major cities with railway and air, so it would all be comfortable. They might feel unfamiliar with Indian foods but western food is also available widely in across India. Country also offers many colorful festivals and charming events so it will be a fun for them. Wildlife and national park adventure would be major fun for kids and teenagers.

The Indian currency is the rupee, which is made of 100 paise. Currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros can be exchange throughout in India.
The most commonly used cards are Visa and MasterCard, but neither American Express nor Diner’s Club are widely accepted in India. When you be in remote areas, it is recommended that you carry enough Indian currency for purchases and tips. ATMs linked to international networks and situated in most big cities. Make sure that you have a four-digit PIN code for your card, as Indian ATMs require this.

Dress Code
However, India has a great mix of dress ups as per cultures and tradition, and you will find variations along with the distance. Metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Delhi are highly modern but smaller villages and towns remain conservative, when traveling in such areas it is recommended to cover up with a t-shirt or handy sarong, bikinis are frequently seen in goa beaches but cover up yourself when you way back from the beach. Its fun to wear traditional clothes while roaming in remote areas and religious places, Indians are warmly appreciating foreigners who adopt there traditional clothing.

Visiting religious sites
When visiting India's temples and other religious sites, Western tourists should be aware of some simple rules concerning dress code and behavior.
Always keep remember to cover your body more when visiting religious sites. Some Hindu temples may not allow women to enter but most of allows all, it is recommended to ask before entering any religious sites and remove your shoe or sleepers or any leather items before entering. There will usually be a shoe deposit outside the temple and in most cases this is a man who will charge you nominally for taking care of your shoe.

It is really a fun of photography in India. But one should always ask for the permission specially at temples, mosque or other religious sites and remember it is restricted in highly sensitive areas like military zones and some government sites, Indians would never mind being photographed but it is good to ask politely before taking there pictures.
Some rural and tribal areas or there culture tradition may not allow you to photograph them, in such circumstances consult to your guide or escort.

Beggars & Hawkers
There may be unpleasant experience as India has this problem; you should be prepared for encounter a large number of beggars and hawkers. Do not hand over any your money, sweets or other goods to street children.

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